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Bank Of America Home Loans | Home Loan in US – The charming harp of immortal voice played again! To the father I am sushila! But you have not seen old Sushila, you call me Lalita.

Jayant said, well! Karunababu, if this beautiful Lalita Devi makes beautiful tea with her beautiful hands, then you won’t drink it like Sundarbabu?

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The sweet smile that bloomed on the rose-petal lips of Lalita Devi was as beautiful as silent music. With a bow he disappeared into the next room like a living phantom.

There is no fault of Bengali language, Sundababu, but Bengali language has not yet tried to digest science well because the country was not independent for so long, let alone talk. I try to explain something as briefly as I can. After many experiments I have come to the conclusion that the Radiocative material that accumulates inside our bodies over the course of a lifetime, i.e. what is called serial radium corrosion is the cause. Radium is thrown on the earth by the sun every day.

Bank Of America Home Loans | Home Loan in US

It seems impossible at first sight but in practice it is not at all. It is not at all impossible to expel dangerous radium atoms from the bones of people with osteoporosis. First, the patient should be given vinegar and acid like food, so that the bones of his body are free from calcium. After a week, I give the patient normal food again for a week, but at the same time, I keep a sharp eye that there is no radioactivity present in the pure calcium in the food.

Vinegar and other acids that are first fed have less potential to harm the body. The atom of that substance has valence. Therefore, due to the attraction of that path, the radium flying inside the body with the original calcium and gradually comes out. After normal food give acid food again. Then again normal food. In this way the treatment goes on for months.

Bank Of America Home Loans | Home Loan in US

Everyone came together with Manohar in a huge hall. Most of them are covered with various equipment. To those who have visited a college science laboratory, some of the instruments will look familiar.

Sundarbabu uttered the word hum again and said, Manoharbabu, I could not understand a single word of what I heard in my ears for so long. Now I can’t even see it well. Do you feel like starting lectures again? But before that my Gotakay. Answer simple questions?

If you want to start a new life in a new country with a new name, you need money first. Where will the money come from? Sushila Devi and Govinda Babu have come here with proper amount of money to ensure their future. Why have I deposited their money in my pseudonym? I knew the police would find them.

Bank Of America Home Loans | Home Loan in US

One more question. Although the question whether Lalita Devi is Sushila Devi or not is still not removed from my mind, but keep it under wraps for now! But the question is where Govindababu?

Manohar went forward and stood next to a bed. Everyone’s eyes widened in utter amazement at the sight of the statue lying on the bed.

A young, gorgeous idol boy. The well-formed white naked body is like the hand of a Greek-sculptor. But the most amazing thing is that the whole body is covered with glass and that glass has been melted and pushed on the statue in such a way that it is inseparably connected with the whole body.

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