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RRR Full HD Movie Download in Hindi | RRR Movie Download

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I often tell you ghost stories, or adventure stories. But today I will tell you a detective story.

Don’t think this is a bad joke. This true incident happened in the European country of Austria. We will retrieve the incident from the police’s own diary.

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Let us tell you that there is a big difference between the police of Austria and the police of other countries of the world. The police of other countries do not go to the door of someone outside to prevent theft-robbery-murder. But when the Austrian police get into a messy case, they often enlist the help of university professors there.

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Are you surprised to hear that professors help the police? But it is not surprising. Because Austrian universities have a department of criminology. Those professors teach the students in that department. One of the professors there is so much learned in the theory of crime that even the best detectives in the world are bound to lose to them. You will get some proof of the professors bravado by listening to the following incident.

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You must know that the famous city of Vienna is the capital of Austria. One day a parcel arrived by mail to the police chief of that city of Vienna.

After opening the package, Barasaheb can see what else! The wrapper is old newspaper. Inside is a pack of cigarettes, and inside the pack is an index finger cut from the man’s left hand. It can be seen that the finger has been cut from the hand of the girl!

এক নজরে সকল সিনেমার তালিকাঃ

hoichoi / হৈচৈ / আর্ট ফিল্ম সকল মুভি

নতুন ইন্ডিয়ান বাংলা সিনেমার লিস্ট

জীতের সকল মুভির লিস্ট

দেবের সকল মুভির লিস্ট

অঙ্কুশের সকল সিনেমার লিস্ট

সোহমের মুভির লিস্ট

বনি / আবির / জশ / জিশুর সকল মুভি

নতুন বাংলাদেশের সিনেমার লিস্ট

শাকিব খানের সকল মুভি লিস্ট

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Five days later another parcel arrived. It includes a middle finger cut from the woman’s right hand! A wedding ring on the finger again!

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Barasaheb is shocked! What a terrible crime! As a police chief, he has seen many terrible things in his life, but such terrible things are beyond his imagination! The ordinary killer can only survive if he can escape by killing quietly! But the person who sent these two parcels is so uncouth that the sample of his demonic crime is repeated by the police.

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With the help of a new typewriter, the address on the top of ordinary newspaper wrappers, ordinary cigarette packets and parcels was also written. The post office imprint is also of the city of Vienna.

The city of Vienna has more people than Calcutta, its population is about eighteen and a half lakhs. There is no clue from inside the parcel to guess that any devil among the millions of inhabitants of such a big city is playing this terrible joke with the police chief. However, if this criminal is not caught soon, there will be no limit to the condemnation of the police.

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